The Science Department is one of the vibrant Departments in St. Teresa’s college of Education. The Science Department was formed in 2004. The staff strength of the Department stands at Eight.    

Besides teaching of the various courses, the Department is also concern with marking of End of Semester Examination both in the Bachelor of Education (B.ED) programme as well as in the Diploma in Basic Education Examinations (DBE) in science, organised by the Institute of Education of the University of Cape Coast.

That is to say all the tutors in the Department are Examiners for the Institute of Education. With respect to this, one of tutors is A Chief Team Leader for Level 100 Integrated Science in the Volta zone. (Mr. David Tsitu Agbeko)

The marking experience gained by our staff made them examination conscious during the teaching process in order to ensure a high performance of our candidates during the DBE Examinations.

We also do regular seminars and Science Clinics to equip our trainees with the requisite professional teaching and learning skills.

The Department has an enviable record of academic excellence with respect to our products’ performance in the DBE Science course.  We always ensure that Trainees a exhibit a very high level of professional competence in teaching and learning of   science at the basic level in both pre-serving and in-service teaching.

The Agric Unit is also concern with spearheading all horticultural activities of the college by coordinating with the Grounds Department of the college to ensure beautification of the campus in order to uplift the aesthetic out look of the campus.

Courses in this Department

The hallmark of the Department is to ensure that the phobia of learning science especially by our female counterparts is eliminated through innovative teaching.

This is done by a co-ordinated collaborative teaching which is always geared towards demystification of science and building of self-confidence among the trainees. This done by considering gender, equity and inclusivity.

Units within the Department

  • Science
  • Agricultural
  • Physical Education

Tutors in this Department