The Academic Board, following His Excellency the Presidential directive to reopen the College to level 300 students, held an emergency meeting on Monday, 15th June, 2020. A The following arrangements and safety measures to receive our final year students were decided upon:

  1. Registered final year students are expected to report to Campus on Monday 22nd June, 2020.
  2. Room occupancy in all Halls of Residence will be subjected to all the precautionary measures and protocols that relate to COVID-19.
  3. Final year students are to report between the hours of 6am and 5pm on Monday 22nd June, 2020. Students who report outside this time frame will be refused entry.
  4. Upon arrival on 22nd June, 2020, registered final year students will be supplied with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) including face masks provided for by the Ministry of Education to ensure their safety.
  5. There will be regular decontamination of lecture rooms and halls of residence, surfaces, doors, walkways and staircases at least three times a week. A Thereafter, there will be enhanced cleaning services of all spaces, surfaces and handles.
  6. Hand sanitizers will be provided on all floors of lecture blocks and halls of residence.
  7. A Veronica buckets fitted with appropriate taps will be provided for hand washing.
  8. Students are to note that they will not be allowed to go out of Campus upon entry till the date of departure which is 4th of July, 2020.
  9. Revision/Tutorials starts from 23rd June to 1st July, 2020.
  10. There will be no mass gatherings, religious, cultural or sporting activities for students on Campus.
  11. During their stay on campus, students or staff suspected to have COVID-19 will be isolated in designated spaces pending confirmation of test results.
  12. All students are advised to be extra cautious when using shared items or facilities on Campus. All are urged to carry personal hand sanitizers.
  13. Emergency telephone numbers will be provided to enable students to call in case of any emergency or when COVID-19 is assumed.
  14. All students who are owing school fees are entreated to make arrangements to pay any outstanding school fees before the date of arrival which is 22nd June, 2020.
  15. The conduct of end-of-semester examinations for Level 300 will commence from  2nd to 3rd July,2020
  16. The departure of students will be 4th July,2020

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