Department Of Languages

Welcome to the Department of Languages at St. Teresa’s College of Education, Hohoe. We are one of the premier Departments that offer English Language and other Ghanaian Language courses (Ewe and Twi). The Department has a strong emphasis on the teaching and learning of English Language and Ghanaian Languages (Ewe and Twi). Our courses prepare students adequately for careers in teaching, research, media and industry in general. We also give students the requisite language/literary skills to make them effective in their job situation.

Ghanaian Language

English Language

Our Vision:                                                         

            To be among the best language Department in Colleges of Education in Ghana by             producing world class graduates and scholars well vexed in all aspects of language     studies and teaching.

Our Mission:

Train student-teachers to take up important roles in teaching and proffer solutions in all aspects of life where language proficiency in all forms is called for.

Adjudged by our students as one of the most student-friendly Departments in the College, our doors are always open for discussions on points of mutual interest, including teaching, learning, and research and beyond. The Department has three units: English Language, Ewe Language and Twi Language. We invite you to familiarize yourselves with our programmes, courses and the variety of research that senior members are engaged in. 

Units within the Department

  • Ghanaian Language
  • English Language

Tutors in this Department