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Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling

The guidance and counseling unit of the college was established in 2010. The unit was upgraded and allocated a permanent office in 2016 and later refurbished in 2019 to make it modern and more responsive to the growing needs of the college. The unit is manned by a team of tutors headed by Rev Sister Juliana Veronica Ofori.

Among other things, the guidance and counseling unit seeks to:

  • liaise with academic counselors and hall wardens to identify the guidance and counseling needs of students.
  • provide suitable guidance and counseling services to students and staff of the college.
  • foster ethical and cordial relationship between staff and students.
  • promote an atmosphere of respect, discipline and moral soundness among students in tandem with the college’s code of conduct.
  • extend guidance and counseling services to the demonstration school.

In delivering its responsibilities, the unit carries out a range of activities geared towards the various categories of beneficiaries. Among the activities are the following:

Each year the unit provides orientation for fresh students to help them re-socialize and get acquainted with the new environment which some may find to be challenging. This is often done for about four to five days. Besides, the unit provides both group and individual guidance and counseling services to students, as well as individual counseling to teachers and non-academic staff.

Again, as part of its routine activities, the unit offers guidance and counseling services to the St Teresa’s Demonstration School, an all-girls basic school affiliated to the college. This school provides the ground for student teachers’ practicum and demonstration lessons. The unit’s last engagement with the demonstration school was at the time of the celebration of the annual Catholic Education Week which involves all pre-tertiary Catholic schools across the country.

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