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At the 1928 Synod of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast, the Basel Mission was requested to establish a girls’ school in Ashanti. The request was in direct response to the Divine Commission to the Church to which the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast belonged; go forth therefore and make all nations my disciples-and teach them; (Matt. 28: 19 – 20).

In response to this Biblical injunction and in recognition of Dr Aggrey’s clarion call for the education of the girl, the Basel Mission Girls’ School and the Basel Mission Women’s Training College were established in Agogo on the 1st of March, 1931. These schools were established by a young missionary teacher, Miss Helena Schlatter (later became Mrs. Haegele). She was later joined by two other missionaries, Rev. Buechner and Miss G. Goetz. The aim of opening the Training College was to train Ghanaian women teachers for the Girls’ Mission school which had started and inculcated in these young teachers, Christian principles that would portray them as good teachers, parents and leaders who could build Christian homes and take up leadership roles in the society.

To ensure that high academic and moral standard were set and maintained, the students were subjected to the proverbial ‘Presbyterian Discipline’. That level of discipline indeed yielded great and wonderful dividends for all the girls and women who passed through the Girls’ School and the Training College, most of whom are in responsible positions, are still very well known for their moral uprightness, general comportment and discipline.

The aim of the founder was to establish a Catholic Teacher Training College for Women in the Diocese which would give a sound moral, spiritual and professional education in the true Catholic tradition.  The College inherited the facilities of a Sisters’ Convent which had been moved to Dzelukofe.  Since the piece of land on which the convent was situated was not big enough for the new idea of a Teacher Training College, there was the need for additional plots of land.  The Bishop and the Parish Elders including Rev. Fr. John Beckers consulted the Asiamah Family of Gbi-Bla led by the late Mr. Joseph Achyemde Asiamah who responded favourably to this worthy cause and gave out this piece of land on which we are today.  We are grateful to them.


To develop the college into a world-class female teacher education center, dedicated to the provision of excellent basic education in Ghana.

Mission Statement

The college shall train competent, efficient and dedicated female teachers through quality-driven leadership to serve as role models and teach in any community, championing the cause of the quality education in Ghana and beyond.

Core Values

Our Core Values are:






Academic Excellence 

Geographical Location

St. Teresa’s College of Education is located in Hohoe, the capital of the Hohoe Municipal in the Volta Region of the Republic of Ghana. Hohoe is the second largest city in the Volta Region. The Municipality is endowed with tourist attraction sites and also shares boundary with the districts that have many tourist attraction sites. Hohoe is a commercial town and have almost all the social amenities that make life easy for both students and workers. Transportation cost and services within the municipality are the cheapest in Ghana. Goods as well as farm produce are cheap. Goods are sold at both wholesale and retail prices, making the cost of living in the town relatively low. Indeed, Hohoe is one of the best cities in Ghana that most people will like to stay to school or work.